Saturday, May 24, 2014

My Current Stance on Love Things

About 80% of friends at my age already talk about marriage. Specifically, as we're now on age of 25 or something, marriage is no longer a joke but a serious issue. When, with whom, how, and so on. Worse, the remaining 20% is already married.

I've been campaigning galau in social media for years just to make fun of at least myself. I'm not entitled to show my real concern in social media so I took being galau  for relationship as an option. You know, it's very common on us and I'm still think it's a funny thing. Now that's the situation is different because there are many of my friends who will be offended with such campaign, or take my words seriously. I can say I'm disappointed with how things are going but then I realize I'm just getting older and so do my friends. It's natural for them to think about marriage and love life seriously because our time is now. And of course, by thinking something seriously, you have your nerves sensitive when someone rises such issue. That being said, my old jokes are no longer funny for some people. In fact, some people would take that as an offensive gesture from me.

I don't know which one is worse between someone who feels offended with my jokes or someone feels pity to myself thanks to my jokes. I mean like, many good friends of mine thinking that they should help me find a woman to settle down. Of course I like a woman and I want to settle down one day. There are even certain good friends of mine who advice me to go marry a good girl as soon as possible because that's what Islam teaches us. Oh well.

See that? I fav'd his tweet a long time ago. That being said, it's my current stance on love things. I want to marry a woman - yes, but I'm far from ready. Since I'm not ready then I will not make any decision sooner because marriage contains seriously-sacred things between two or even three families which I'm seriously don't want to be focused at the moment. And I'm still 24 so I'm not really into it - I've got probably 3-4 years to make a leap to release my virgin status. Of course I don't know what will happen next. This is just my current stance. And there's another one:

I believe that despite I know it's difficult to find the right fish in such spacious ocean. And of course, I have to improve myself to become a much better person in order to get a much better, tastier fish, right? But for now:

"So people of the city

I don’t need your counsel now

And I don’t need your good advice"

Foals - My Number
Ta ;)


  1. What makes me sad is nowadays (hare gene) it feels like you're defined by your marriage, and for girls (at least me), it's like they only see you as a baby machine.

    1. wahaha what kind of monumental moron who thinks woman as baby machine? anyway the "you're defined by your marriage" is one of the reasons why I feel the need to write this. that's ridiculous but seems normal at the moment.