Friday, April 4, 2014


I feel like an overproductive rat now I'm posting two posts in my blog in just, one, hour. How productive!

Actually, this post is more like whiny-weak-girl. Why? because when I drove home with my motorcycle, I was crashed TWICE by TWO DIFFERENT motorcycles. The first one crashed me and then he just drove out, smiling, and said sorry. The last one, well, fuck him. I was queuing behind a car which was stopped because it waited the other car at the other way to go out of that tiny-narrow-street. You know what, at that peacefully heaven situation then the motorcycle, driven by an old mustache man, carried 1 woman and 2 children, crashed my front tire of motorcycle eventhough there was no space for him to go along. The most annoyingly, he then mad at me by saying something with his sore expression - what an expression - and then look at me. I was really, really mad I would like to stop him and hurt him so bad but then I looked at that 1 woman (probably) his wife and those 2 children (maybe his children) stared at me with their eyes confused and little bit afraid. That old guy, was then looking at me again, turn his head and showed his scary expression which was "uuuuhhh I'm afraid". 

What a douche bag.  I loathe this one to death it really pissed me off until now that I really need to share this story with anyone. Since I don't really have someone special to share shit like this :( (no kidd, I'm fine with my lovely-lonely-life) or actually no people should really hear this unimportant shit because this shit happens to almost everyone in Jakarta I think. 

However, as a part of people of Jakarta, I need to get used to it. Actually I'm already get used to it but I can't accept if someone's angry when he/she's wrong! And that was what I found tonight. I'm trying hard to forget that and forgive the guy but uh-oh it's difficult so decide to write this.

All in all, I just hope that it reduces my sin (Amin). and I hope he'd get balanced azab soon. In what form? I don't know. But staying in a jail for a month long would be nice.

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  1. To whom it may, crashed me, after writing this I feel much better. I feel sorry for this cursing post cause I want to live happily and peacefully. But I won't delete this for reminiscence purpose. Cheers.