Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Karena Lagi Pada Rame Bahas Soal Transfer Paul Pogba Dari Juventus Ke Manchester United, Gak Ada Salahnya Bahas Dikit Biaya Yang Dikeluarin Manchester United Buat Mulangin Pogba. #POGBACK

Sedikit dalam bentuk Infografis aja, ini basic-basicnya aja sih. Sebenernya sangat kompleks apalagi kalo dikaitin sama pengeluaran lain yang melibatkan pihak sponsor atau pihak-pihak lainnya. Tapi kira-kira kaya ginilah biaya yang dikeluarin MU buat Pogba atau klub lain untuk pemain lainnya.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

It's Never Easy Being A Chelsea Fan

My name is Fahrurozi. I am a 26 year old Chelsea supporter, currently living in a limbo as football fan.

To be precise, as a Chelsea Football Club fan.

They're always calling us plastic fans, glory hunter, of all insults. Most people think that Chelsea had no fans before 2003. I accept that sentiment because there are also fans who became Chelsea fans after Roman took over this club. 

Before I get to the point, let me tell you little information about mine. I've been a Chelsea supporter since 1999/2000 season. The reasons are simple yet irrelevant: I love blue color, I like Italy national team, and I also don't really fancy being a mainstream club fan. Manchester United, Liverpool, and Arsenal were considered biggest in England that time. That made me feel like I wanted to be a fan of smaller clubs such as Aston Villa, Chelsea, Tottenham, Newcastle United, etc. 

Since Chelsea won League Cup and Winners' Cup in 1997/1998 season, which meant they were more than just mediocre, and had many Italians in their team, from Gianfranco Zola to Gianluca Vialli, I decided to follow it closer than other clubs. 

Afterwards, the fun part began. Chelsea trashed Manchester United 5-0 at Stamford Bridge. Worth to mention that United won treble winners in previous season. Hence, I decided to be Chelsea supporter, and Zola became my childhood hero. My favorite footballer of all time.

Absolutely weird, but that's who I was, and perhaps I still am.

Since 1997/1998, Chelsea was always there fighting for the Champions League spot. As far as I could remember, they were never really challenging for the title. It is fine though, because as smaller club, there was less pressure. 

I didn't expect them to win all games especially against bigger clubs, but when they win, the joy was priceless. Couldn't forget how elated I was when 5-0 happened and followed by other big wins. Then came the era of Marcel Desailly, one of the best defenders that ever wore Chelsea shirt. Also Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink, who I consider as one of the most prolific No. 9s in Premier League era. Along with my man Eidur Gudjohnsen. Good old times.

Next, a lunatic billionaire from Russia purchased this club. I was happy, knowing that we were going to sign big names. Forgetting the fact that I could not replicate the same feeling like when I decided to be Chelsea fan. Chelsea were so good they won many trophies under Roman & Jose Mourinho. I didn't realize that such fortune could make everyone hated us. 

As a big spender, we have the world that jealous of our new-arising power. Everyone hates Chelsea eversince. 

Prior to 2003, I never hated, nor insulted other English Clubs in whatsoever forms. I considered rivalry as just fun part of the game. No need to hate each other. But I was wrong.

I received a lot of insults by just wearing the Chelsea shirt. It was really disgusting gesture from them. However, I didn't stop. I kept showing off myself as a Chelsea fan. A fun one, I suppose. But the hatred I received was getting harder and harder by the day. 

"Am I wrong being a Chelsea fan?" I thought. 

But nobody is going to believe that I support Chelsea long before Roman bought this club. Even I love Italy national team since 1994 when Brazil defeated them, long before they won World Cup 2006. Glory hunter?

They just don't care, and they still think Chelsea ruin football. So its fans.

Of so many hatred I receive in my life, nothing worse than the one that came from strangers. Internet is the place where you can express yourself. So I expressed mine as Chelsea fans. I expected bad words addressed to Chelsea coming from our rivals, top clubs, and London clubs. But I didn't expect the hate was in the form of anything else that related to murder, torture and other "interesting" shape that relating my family. It was beyond me. 

Hence, I hated them. Hit back at them, and joined the dark side. Became an ugly fans with ugly words just to hurt them the way they hurt me. No more consolation for them. That's the way I lived back then, but now I've changed to be a calmer person. Because it was pointless actually, and wasting my energy. 

I used to swear a lot everywhere especially on the internet, but now I'm not. I'm trying to be more positive as a grown man.

Yet Chelsea just couldn't stop his fans from having the worst feeling in the world. We have villains like Jose Mourinho with his attitude towards FA, John Terry with his affair and racism case, Ashley Cole with his antics, and Diego Costa with his problem. They're the kind of guy who don't have good reputation off the pitch. Honestly, that irks me a lot especially when you read the news. I love them, and it's always nice to have someone like them in your team. But the stories about them are 70-80% negative, disrespectful, insulting, and so on. So it's like you open the football website only to feel angered by such news. 

Speaking about media, there is no wonder such hate is influenced, or even caused by The FA. The FA hates us so much for a long, long time. I believe that "campaign" that Mourinho believed was exist, definitely under Mourinho because him and Costa (and Terry to some extent) are villains to football. There is no doubt that it affected the judgment from the refs and FA as well.

Jose Mourinho, for all the love that I have for him, wasn't really helping Chelsea outside of his footballing ability. Indeed he's a great manager. A fun to watch in presser. But he's so (justifiably) arrogant in some way that people hate Chelsea even more. 

He made Chelsea looked like the only team to hate compared to other clubs. His constant hatred towards his enemies (other managers, FA, Referees, physiotherapy, pundits, et. al.) didn't prove to be fruitful for Chelsea all the time. Especially if you take this 2015/2016 season as example. We're relegation battler. Put aside our poor performances and the mistakes that were made by the board, the players, and himself. It was obvious that the authority robbed us. Not a single penalty was given in 2015/2016 season so far, even for a obvious one. Not to mention there are other biased decisions by the refs. 

Campaign? Perhaps so. But I don't really want to blame FA in this writings. The FA and referees are basically just human beings like the rest of us. They make mistakes and not only against Chelsea's advantage (they're just incompetent anyway). 

If you treat them bad, they will treat you bad too. In our case, we hate them more than anyone else. When things went wrong, Jose Mourinho attacked them simultaneously. In many ways.  Which is why they hate us far worse than any other clubs at least this season. It was unpleasant situation.

In addition, changing managers habit for good (or for fun) is another reason why Chelsea fans suffered more than other fans. We had sorrowful separation with Jose Mourinho, Roberto Di Matteo, and Carlo Ancelotti. But we also had guys like Rafa Benitez and Avram Grant as our managers. 

This is a roller coaster situation that I believe only Chelsea have more than any other top clubs in top tier leagues.

Moreover, for a club that has been invested  a lot in its youth and academy players. We never really give them proper opportunity. Promises to play the youth by our managers were just promises that made to be broken. John Terry is the only, or perhaps the last home-grown player that has the chance to shine to the highest level by far.

Yes, I write this post because of John Terry. I read this morning that John has decided to leave at the end of the season. Seems like he didn't get his contract extension. It hurts me so bad until this time that I don't have motivation to do anything today. How can a guy like Branislav Ivanovic and Gary Cahill, who have been average this season, get extension whereas Terry isn't?

This is not blind love to Mr. Chelsea.

He, regardless his legendary status, is still one of the best central defenders in England. If not the best. The most important thing is, he's still the best defender in Chelsea current squad. Last season he was the best defender by miles. There's no reason for him to retire yet, let alone to move somewhere else.

You could argue that Zouma is a very good one. But his tendency to sliding-tackle his opponents is prove that he's not position himself perfectly. Stuff that John always does unless when he has his days off. Since Zouma is a young lad, there's no better way to learn from the best by playing together. 

Remember when John Terry played together with Desailly? I believe that's the reason why John can be the best defender. I also believe that Zouma has transformed into a wonderkid like he is today thanks to John's school of defending.

He's also a home grown, and always been consistent. A born leader, big games player, and the best goalscorer for a defender. 

His behavior outside the pitch maybe questioned and criticized by the press. But his attitude towards Chelsea fans are no doubt: he's the the perfect example of Chelsea player. He cares to the fans, cares to the club. He's a born leader. Carlo Ancelotti and Fabio Capello weren't stupid when they appointed John Terry as captain for Chelsea and England after his horrible sexual affair.

We need him more than anyone because currently, there's no one as complete as him in the market.

I can't remember the last time I write such sentimental, emotional article like this. I love Chelsea more than its players of course. But since Roman took over this club, despite having so many victorious moments, I can't lie that I have experienced too many painful moments compared to what I had before Roman purchased this club. Not that I'm not grateful with Roman's kindness, he's the reason of our success. But perhaps you can make things better, can you, Mr. Abramovich? 

We've been through difficult times together. But please, Mr. Abramovich, don't make things worse by letting Mr. Chelsea go.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

What To Expect From The Force Awakens? Don't Worry, No Spoiler Here.

There is no spoiler about The Force Awakens in this post. I haven't watched it yet so I know nothing. In fact, I am posting this to give you insight about what to expect from The Force Awakens before you watch it. Let's just cut the crap shall we?

It's Franchise Anyway, And, It Is For The Kids.

I like movies with realistic plot and script. Movies like The Godfather trilogy or directed by guys like Scorsese, Tarantino, and Nolan. They always made every story, whether it's a normal drama or imaginative, looked possible in real life. But I don't expect it from The Force Awakens.

It's a franchise anyway, which its main purpose is to attract more fans, and make more money. There's nothing wrong with that though. Only if you think carefully, it would never be as good as movies that Scorsese, Tarantino, and Nolan made. No matter how good Abrams is, that's not going to happen. Beside, The Force Awakens can be viewed by kids. So expect no bloodbath here, which sadly make it unrealistic. The appearance of Iko Uwais and Mad Dog convinces me that Disney is trying to attract more fans from Indonesia. So it's more about selling than making state of art. Just like Fast & Furious franchise, which I consider crap, but when Joe Taslim appears, I clap.

More Science Please.

I'm not a scientist, and bad at Math, but I always expect everything in every movies I watch, is at least theoretically possible in real life. I'm okay if there's no bloodbath in the Star Wars' fights, but I expect everything about the space life is theoretically possible. I understand that I'm not good at Math and its related science, but I can exactly tell you what is realistic, close to being realistic, theoretically possible, or just plain stupid and impossible. For example, movies like Goodfellas and Godfather are realistic. While movies like Batman: The Dark Knight is close to being realistic, Interstellar and The Martian are theoretically possible. So what is stupid and impossible? The loud sound of explosion in space where there's no air in every movies. That's just an example though.

"The Clone Wars" & "Rebels" Are Important To The Plot.

Many argue that the prequel (Star Wars Episode; I, II, III) is rubbish. I disagree, to say the least. Firmly because I think Star Wars Episode III is a very good (but yeah, the rest is rubbish). I think the plot is brilliant. There are unexpected twists even when you already know the outcome: Anakin turns into Vader. As much as we loathe the prequel, and yes there are flaws in them, Episode III come closest to Episode IV, V, and VI. Unfortunately, Episode IV, V, and VI are more than just movies. They're all pieces of wonderful art. That alone would surpass any Sci-Fi movies today with their CGI. So much passion in the making, so much technology, and the idea is extraordinarily futuristic even if you watch it now. 

Anyway, back to The Clone Wars & Rebels. They're animated series by Lucasfilm which some of hardcore fans would say, rubbish. Well, it's difficult to assess it. I realize that The Clone Wars & Rebels were made for kids, with less fund used unlike the movies. However, if you watch them, you'll understand several (or perhaps many) essentials story in Star Wars saga. Especially the gap between the prequel episodes. The history of the force, the clone troopers life, the origin of light saber (does anyone tell you that the saber is made from crystal?) , and everything are explained accurately, which you don't see in the movies. On relation to the previous paragraph, by watching The Clone Wars & Rebels, you will understand more the life in Star Wars Saga. For example, the betrayal of Commander Cody under Order 66 in Episode III will be more painful if you watch The Clone Wars, which depicts the great friendship between The Jedi & The Clone Troopers. I watched Star Wars movie first (like 2-3 times each episodes), then The Clone Wars series (once), then Star Wars again (once). Truthfully, after I watched The Clone Wars, everything seemed to be easier to understand and more emotional for me. It was like everything is more sensible compared to the days before I watched The Clone Troopers. Which is why Episode III is a very good movie for me.

The point I'm making? Simply watch The Clone Wars & Rebels (I haven't watched Rebels yet but I will) and I believe it will be easier for you to understand The Force Awakens.

Badass Ben Kenobi Is Far, Far Better Than Wise Obi Wan Kenobi.

Characters are important in The Force Awakens, or any movies. Hence, there is something that J.J. Abrams should learn from from Star Wars I-VI. Particularly in a way where Episode IV-VI considered much more better than Episode I-III.

When Alec Guinnes (Ben Kenobi) gives light saber to inexperienced user like Luke, you know he is a lunatic old man. Let alone when he cuts some punk in the bar (Tatooine) when they're looking for space ride only because that punk dislike Luke. Best, is when he fights Darth Vader in Death Star. We know he's not gonna make it, but at least he tries without bullshit (sadly the saber fight was poor). This man is the Kenobi we love.

However, if you watch the prequel, you feel that everything seem a bit contradictive. If Ben Kenobi is such a badass (eventhough he's older and should be wiser), why on earth youner Obi Wan Kenobi looks too wise and nice? Perhaps that's the idea that George Lucas wanted: "The Jedi Way" (meh). But in times of war, especially when you fight against strong villains, I think it's ok (especially for us the fans) to see the Jedi do the bad things, and it's not like it's against the Jedi values. For example, Mace Windu wanted to kill Darth Sidious even when Anakin told him that it's against the Jedi way. Not to mention Master Yoda in several scenes where he kills Empire's clones. Ewan McGregor is really good actor, but George Lucas tried too hard to make Obi Wan as the charm guy. As you see, it doesn't work that way. Fans love badass characters,* even if he's a Jedi.

*Try comparing Jar Jar Binks and Han Solo. They're important in characters in their Trilogy though.

Han Solo, Yes Please! Harrison Ford, No.

As much as I like Han Solo, I loathe for his comment regarding his life after Star Wars. Man, he lives a good life because The Star Wars! But then he became ungrateful man for his role. Basically he's just a grumpy old man, which is why I don't like his attitude and reluctant to watch his movies (even Air Force One and Indiana Jones). But hey! He's a very good actor and Star Wars need good actors and actresses.

Why do I say this? Simply because I've seen too many incompetent actors/actresses in Star Wars. For example, Carrie Fisher, to me, in Episode IV is a major disappointment (her acting of course). The way she closes her eyes during laser-shooting scenes are unacceptable. Not to mention in several scenes where she prefers to appear as sensual as possible (I don't know whether it's her idea or Lucas). I don't care how much the love she has from the fans, but God she's one of the main character from the movies! Also, Hayden Christensen. I don't need to mention much about him.

Cool-Looking Villains!

Personally, Kylo Ren is not cool to me. Only he has badass lightsaber which actually can hurt himself with its wing. As long as it's good looking, it fits the profile of a franchise movie itself (again, unrealistic). Star Wars should have more cooler characters and Kylo Ren is not (yet?) cool enough to me.

No one hates Darth Vader to the bone because he wears cool costume. But I don't think the same can be applied to Lord Sidious. He's an ugly old witch, which makes him has less fans. I don't know, but if you have a movie-franchise, you can make everything as good looking as possible to gain more attraction from the fans. Imagine Lord Sidious/Chancellor Palpatine is played by old guy like George Clooney. BRUH! 

Is it too much to ask for these? Lol. That's all for now. Tomorrow is going to be the day I am waiting for. I dont have high expectation  but surely I dont expect disappointment from The Force Awakens.

Anyway, Thanks for reading. May The Force Be With You.