Sunday, September 28, 2014

3 Things I Suddenly Miss

As a 24 year old man, of course there were so many joyful, hateful, memories in my past. Some of them, even the ugly one, the one you don't want to repeat now, are just too remarkable that it feels funny just to remember. Here I am now, suddenly remember those things and all of sudden I feel like I want to post them on my long-forgotten blog. Win-win for me and my blog right? he he. So here they are:

  1. When I was in junior high and then senior high, during final tests, I used to sit with senior or junior from different class but never on my batch. I wasn't entirely excited when this happened because mostly, I spent my time sitting with boys (the school managed it not by ourselves though). The most interesting thing was meeting new people without any urgency to know and get in touch with each other. But since we're on the same situation - final tests, which technically we were under same pressures and difficulties, it made the situation awkwardly really good. Why? Because we were so young we took pressure with laughs and jokes. Such a fun thing to remember.
  2. Went home, turned on the computer, signed in to Windows Live Messenger. Of all the available IM applications, Windows Live was the best for me. If you were on Windows Live, you surely understand the joyous time. If you weren't, well, I'm not going to share that happiness to you. #ShameOnYou
  3. I miss hanging out at canteen during class at college. I mean, I wasn't a good student and did what I want without really thinking its consequence. Now that I have a job which I use my salary to pay my Master Program, I realize how fool I was. Although I really, really miss those moments, I don't want to repeat that again. Now I study not just to get a Master Degree, but also a chance to redeem myself of those childish things I did in the past. One for me and my parents it is.
So, what do you get from this? Do you have certain memories in the past which suddenly appear in your mind? I believe you have. Wonderful time right? Now that you finish reminisce your good old times, let's savour this very time as this could be one for the future. The one that you would be laughing at when you look back.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Jokowi: Babydoll, Judas, or Extraordinary Man?

Seeing Jokowi speaking, orating, campaigning and debating for this Presidential candidacy in 2014 general election makes me wondering with a bit of smile and curiosity. Jokowi is now different compared to himself when he was come forth to DKI's 1st, back to his old time when he was Mayor of Solo. He was more courteous and tranquil, but now he sounds like a hipster-politician in our TV. As to his standard, he's getting more eccentric than his former self. I can reveal that he's more enthusiast to be a President than to be a Governor, which is not surprising.

Coincidental or is he really obsessed to be the President? Let's put aside the coincidental factor. Being the President is the highest career level for every man. Even a successful, money-bathing businessman also interested to be the President. Although we can't generalize everyone is wanting to be the president with their own reasons respectively. To me personally, there is no wrong with everyone who dreams and giving his effort to be President considering how prestigious it is to be the King of the state.

"But he was instructed to be President by Megawati! He's a babydoll"

This is where everything becomes interesting. Aside the fact that Megawati breached her political agreement with Prabowo whatsoever, the moral story I learn is that Jokowi wants to be the President in the first place. He aimed to this position long before Megawati appointed him to advance. Ridiculous perhaps, but that doesn't surprise me  considering how tantalizing it is to be the First Man in the country. His appointment by Megawati actually was his strategy to win the election without being accused as an over-ambitious-bastard. God knows how he did the lobbying and all the stuffs needed to convince Megawati & PDI-P to choose him. Historically, it's not bemusing if we look back to what he did previously, when he was appointed by Prabowo to go for DKI's 1st. To me now, it's more like he's wanting and planning it rather than everyone in this milkyway propose him to go for election. 

I also have to admit that the coolest thing from him is when he was able to pull the strings on Jusuf Kalla to be his vice. Once upon a time this guy loathed Jokowi's competence, that he had no ability to lead Jakarta let alone this country. Now he's on his knee, walking behind Jokowi, and fighting morally and materially. That's so sexy for a man to foment his hater to become a man who now fight-to-death on his behalf. Although I know for sure that Jusuf Kalla has his own plans. Still, he's just number two.

High risk, high return, as bloody always. To be the President, he let a thing or two to go down falsely which actually cost him his darling-image but also boost his fortune at the same time. If you think he's a disloyal traitor, treacherous rat, you're obliged to think so. It's what he sacrifices and it's surely part of his plan. It causes massive damage to him, of course. On the other hand, he now has the biggest chance to be Indonesia's no. 1. A risk worth taking, a gamble worth betting. 

Intermezzo - If you watch House of Cards, you might be familiar with such trait in the mighty Francis Underwood. There's a Francis Underwood in Jokowi with so much difference in style but very much similar in purpose. If you haven't watched it yet, pity you. I advice you to watch it, like, now.

Not that I'm just obsessed to resemble a character in TV Show with a person in real life. In fact, such things had been done previously by our not-so-beloved (soon to be former) President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. He made himself under baseless allegation that seemed was created by President Megawati. People then accused Megawati for acting childish, despise her, and grew sympathy on President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. He made feud with Megawati and risked his job as Minister of Polhukam in order to get a bigger fish to fry, the President of Indonesia.

"Who's the babydoll then?" 

Then again, it's only me being judgemental and it's how I see people in common. I don't see people by what they're trying to express. It's what beneath the cover which interests me the most. Right or wrong I don't really care. It's just fun to think like this. I could be wrong though.

Thereupon, Jokowi: Babydoll, Judas, or Extraordinary Man? Only him and God knows that. At least from my point of view, he's a "crazy" guy who can accomplish terrific things for himself with his own style. Individually, I admire him as a man with splendid plan.  No, I'm not convinced yet to vote him in this election. For the record, I wasn't vote him at all for the Governor election.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Money Can Buy You Happiness

Do you think money can't buy you happiness? Let's say we agree to disagree. Because I have the way to show you that Money CAN buy you happiness. Here's my quick tips:
1. Gain money as much as possible;
2. Call 5 people you love the most;
3. Kill them;
4. Use your money to revive them.